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Vicious - Muntjac Skull Mount

Vicious - Muntjac Skull Mount


Futuristic, industrial and fierce, this is a new take on the classic skull mount.

Every element in this mount is designed to echo and compliment the muntjac skull. The triangles and shape of the base flow with the shape of the skulls brow line, dark metal claw spikes echo the skulls horns, orange/yellow tufts of fur around the horns are highlited with the blue-purple-green chameleon color shift enamel of the triangles, metallic red glass orbs glow like jewels or drops of blood next to the green-copper patina.

The glossy translucent background consists of dark smokey gray, warm root beer and blood-red colored resin.

This particular muntjac skull belonged to an adolescent as shown by the adult teeth replacing the deciduous or baby teeth.


Mount measures 17 5/8" x 9 7/8"


Comes with wall hanger

Can also be displayed on wall with a 2-4 point support layout

  • Shipping will be included in the price of wearable art pieces. Any shipping over charge will be refunded after package is sent.

    RETURNS: If an item gets damaged in the mail, please send photos ASAP to correct the situation.

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